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Sport: dreams can come true

We hear from inspiring people who have worked hard to achieve their goals

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15 minutes


  • Voxpops

    Children talk about achieving something difficult

    Duration: 01:01

  • Tim Howells part one

    Gemma talks to athlete Tim Howells about the different sports he has taken part in

    Duration: 00:47

  • Song

    No.45 Come and Praise

    Duration: 01:57

  • Story

    Can you imagine sailing around the world aged 16? That was the dream of Michael Perham

    Duration: 05:42

  • Tim Howells part two

    Tim gives tips and advice on how to keep motivated and stay positive during hard times

    Duration: 04:00

  • Reflection

    Gemma reflects on people who inspire us and how you can make your dreams come true

    Duration: 02:00


Teacher's notes - Summer 2016

Teacher's notes - Summer 2016

Programme notes for the Summer 2016 series