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A sense of theatre in Brussels as a summit nears which might determine Britain's future relations with the EU. Also, other despatches from Portugal, the US, France and Venezuela

Colouring in the space between the headlines. In this edition: behind the scenes at the EU as a meeting nears which could determine Britain's future in Europe; why many in Venezuela, mired in economic crisis, have a fond word for their former hardline socialist president Hugo Chavez; mass migrations's one of the biggest stories of our time but in Portugal they're concerned not about new arrivals, but about the number of people leaving; a visit to a jail in the US state of Oregon leaves our correspondent considering what it must be like to be locked up there and what it must be like to work there -- and clog dancing's not a subject tackled frequently on this programme but in Brittany, we find, it’s a good excuse for a bit of a knees-up!

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