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You, Your Career and the Future

Many of us are dealing with workplaces that are changing rapidly, where our skills-sets need constantly updating. So in a globalised jobs market what can we do to stay ahead?

Whether or not you work for yourself, a small company or a huge organisation, all of us are facing workplaces that are changing with a speed that can feel hard to keep up with. The skills-sets required of us are changing rapidly, the networks we are expected to be part of are many, complex and at times baffling. The remit of our work - and the results expected of us - may also seem to shift at a pace which can feel hard to follow.

So we bring you some fresh thinking on what you may need to do to keep ahead of the pack in an increasingly competitive and demanding globalised workplace? We speak to the author Farai Chideya - her book The Episodic Career comes out later this month. We also have world renowned financial guru and a man who has built his own career on adapting to the jobs market around him Alvin Hall and last but not least Ari Wallach CEO of the strategy and innovation consultancy firm Synthesis Corporation. Presented by Ed Butler.

(Photo: A department store employee poses with humanoid. Credit: Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty Images)

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