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Long Hours, Short Straw

Across the world, we're all working longer hours. But do we really need to and what's the cost in terms of our health, wealth and happiness?

What does the long-hours culture mean to you? Working late, missing time with friends and family? Does putting in extra hours make you better at your job or improve your chances of getting head? Or do you stay behind when actually, the job's done and you could leave? Across the world - from Mexico City to Seoul and from London to Tennessee - we're spending ever more hours at work. Today, we're looking at why and asking what the impact is on our health, our wealth and our wellbeing. With guests Bob Pozen author of Extreme Productivity, Alexandra Michel former Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs and author of a report into the impact of long hour on young, virile and upwardly mobile finance sector employees and Professor Sir Cary Cooper Professor of Organizational Psychology at Manchester School of Management. Presented by Ed Butler. (PHOTO: A man makes his way home from work on a bus as darkness falls in Glasgow, Scotland. CREDIT: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

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