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Global Business: The Business of Trust

How important is trust in business and can it be won back if it's lost? Matthew Gwyther investigates and gets an exclusive interview with Audi chairman Rupert Stadler.

The revelation that Volkswagen cheated emissions tests is the latest in a line of scandals that have dented the public's faith in business since 2008's financial crisis.

It was seen as a betrayal of trust. But just what is trust and how important is it in business? And, once it has been lost, can it ever be won back?

The editor of Management Today, Matthew Gwyther, interviews Rupert Stadler, the chairman of Audi - which is part of the VW group.

He also speaks to the chairman of the John Lewis Partnership, Charlie Mayfield, and former chief of Severn Trent Water and Jaguar, Sir John Egan.

The former EMEA head of public relations firm Edelman, Robert Phillips, explores PR's influence on trust and Nobel Prize winning economist and author Professor Robert Shiller gives his thoughts.

Amid all the negativity about business, Rachel Botsman - who is an expert on the collaborative economy - offers some hope.

Producer: Keith Moore

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