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How to create an ebook

What is an interactive ebook and why should you create one for your production? We look at the steps you'll need to take to create one.

Downloadable to your device, ebooks can contain text, images, video, audio and other multimedia, creating many exciting storytelling opportunities for content producers.

D-Day’s Last Heroes, A Guide to Your Cat and The Road to Milk Wood are just a few of the ebooks based on BBC TV programmes. We find out about the practical aspects involved in creating interactive ebooks with Anya Saunders and Pasquale Tropea, part of the team working on these BBC ebooks, as well as Hazel Marshall, a digital storytelling expert and trainer.

The panel talk about why you might want to create an ebook, how to make best use of great material that doesn’t make the final cut for the programme, reaching new audiences, and leaving a digital legacy long after the programme has been broadcast. They cover some of the editorial, technical, design and compatibility considerations involved and how the storytelling process differs to that for a television programme.

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