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Exodus from Eritrea

Why are so many Eritreans fleeing their country?

Why are so many Eritreans fleeing their country? With a population of just six million, this young country in the Horn of Africa has accounted for the third largest flow of refugees into Europe this year, behind only Syria and Afghanistan. Join Owen Bennett Jones and his panel of guests on Newshour Extra this week as we try to understand the forces driving hundreds of thousands of Eritreans risking their lives in the hope of a better future.

Ahmed Mohammed Mahmud, Chairman of the British Eritrean Community Organisation Network
Feruz Werede, Eritrean human rights activist
Bronwyn Bruton, Deputy Director of the Atlantic Council's Africa Centre
Ghirmai Negash, Professor of English and African literature, Ohio University
Alex Last, former BBC correspondent in Eritrea

Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images

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