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Despatches from Turkey where there’s nervousness ahead of another general election and from Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, Kosovo and Nepal

What has happened to Turkey? Not so long ago it was held up as a model of Middle Eastern harmony, a successful mix of Islam and democracy. Mark Lowen explains how the optimism of those days has turned to disenchantment and anxiety ahead of the general election there this weekend. There's an encounter with the religious police in Saudi Arabia as Lyse Doucet in Riyadh observes how the country's trying to hang on to ancient traditions while moving forward with the wider world. Ed Butler’s been in Puerto Rico – finding out what lies behind President Obama’s warning that the island’s economic problems could lead to a humanitarian crisis. Opportunity doesn’t often knock for women in Nepal yet a female president has just been appointed there and Chris Haslam has been talking to a young woman sports star who ran away from home and is set to become the most famous Nepali since the hero of Everest, Sherpa Tensing

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