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Are you a super-recogniser?

Are you good at recognising faces? How good? If you are especially good at recognising faces you might be a super recogniser.

The Metropolitan Police has a team of super-recognisers - police officers who are very good at recognising faces in a crowd who can identify people committing crimes on CCTV.

Academics say fewer than 1% of people have the innate ability to be super-recognisers - and they are keen to discover more of them out there.

The University of Greenwich has set up an online test you can do to find out whether you are a super recogniser, you will find the link lower down on this page under the "Related Links" section.

If you do really well there's the option of going to the University of Greenwich for further testing, this is to help academic research, you won't be recruited by the police.

To learn more about how the police use this skill our reporter Andrew Bomford went to a super recogniser working for the Hackney Gangs Unit.

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