Ian Rankin: Henning Mankell was 'universally loved'

The Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell, who has died at the age of 67, was "universally loved" by his fans, according to the best-selling author Ian Rankin.

Mankell, who is best known for his Wallander detective series, had been suffering from cancer for a year.

Rankin told 5 Live that the Swede "didn't suffer fools gladly", but was loved by his fans because "in Kurt Wallander, he created a character who spoke to different cultures across the world, and was a man you wanted to spend time with".

Swedish crime writer, Arne Dahl, said news of Mankell's death "struck like lightning".

"I learned practically all I may know about crime fiction writing from him," said Dahl, "so in a way I feel very close to him."

This clip is originally from Up All Night on Tuesday 6th October 2015.

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