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Jamaica calls on Britain to make reparations for its slave trade role

The Caricom reparations committee, which was set up by Caribbean nations to lobby for compensation also wants an apology from the British government. The calls come ahead of UK Prime Minister David Cameron's first official visit to Jamaica. Plus the committee has taken out a full page advert in a Jamaican newspaper claiming Mr Cameron's ancestors profited from the trade. One Jamaican MP has called on his fellow politicians to turn his back on Mr Cameron during his visit if he refuses to address the issue.

The BBC's Susannah Streeter discussed the legal and economic arguments around compensation with Lord Anthony Gifford, a barrister and member of the National Committee on Reparations set up by the government of Jamaica in 2009, and Tim Worstall, a senior fellow at the Adam Smith Institute in London.

(Picture: Plan of a slave ship. Picture credit: Getty Images.)

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