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The Aid Audit

Does Aid Work? Ulli Schauen visits projects in Kenya, originally chosen by an international jury over 15 years ago in Hanover, to see if they have achieved their aims.

Fifteen years ago, German journalist, Ulli Schauen helped compile a book of the top 500 global aid programmes, as chosen by an International jury at the Expo 2000 in Hanover. They ranged from schools for Maasai nomads to support for organic farming to training for volunteer sexual health workers.

The question is did they succeed or fail? Ulli travels to Kenya to see how the projects in that country fared.
In the week in which countries of the UN meet in Paris to discuss the next set of Sustainable Development Goals, Ulli sets out to find if Aid really does make a difference.

(Photo: Ladies of the ISOLO women’s self help group Matinyani weaving baskets. Credit: Ulli Schauen)

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