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Live music & interviews from 'Uprising' at the O2 Academy Oxford - featuring music from Water Pageant, Leader, Homeplanetearth, Haula & Orange Vision + new music from oxfordshire

1 hour

Music and featured items

  • Uprising #1 round up

    A round up of Uprising #1 at the 02 Academy Oxford

    Duration: 02:13

  • Water Pageant - live at Uprising

    Water Pageant playing Seamstress live at Uprising

    Duration: 04:40

  • Leader - live at Uprising

    Leader with Live like kings - live at Uprising

    Duration: 03:44

  • Homeplanetearth - live at Uprising

    Homeplanetearth with A French Holiday - live at Uprising

    Duration: 03:32

  • Haula - live at Uprising

    Haula with Losing Touch - Live at Uprising

    Duration: 02:21

  • Orange Vision - live at Uprising

    Dave with Orange Vision plus their song How you feel - live at Uprising

    Duration: 07:54

  • Ronan recommends

    Ronan from Nightshift recommends A Silent Film - Paralysed

    Duration: 08:13

  • Music News

    This week's music news

    Duration: 04:11

  • Cassels

    I Swipe Right

  • Water Pageant

    Seamstress (live at Uprising at the O2 Academy)

  • Cameron AG

    Highs and Lows

  • A Silent Film


  • Leader

    Live Like Kings (live at Uprising at the O2 Academy)

  • Liu Bei

    Mind Over Matter

  • Bright Works


  • homeplanetearth

    A French Holiday (live at Uprising at the O2 Academy)

  • Orange Vision

    How You Feel (live at Uprising at the O2 Academy)

  • SinFiction

    Ugly Baby

  • Haula

    Losing Touch (live at Uprising at the O2 Academy)


  • Sat 26 Sep 2015 20:00

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