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Song 2: 'Is that a fact?' (Vocal)

Sing along to the full-vocal version of the song 'Is that a fact?'

Is that a fact?
How can we know?
Where is the evidence?
What does it show?
How can we tell if it’s really so?
Is that a fact?

Romulus and Remus
Abandoned twins
Saved by a wolf
(With her teeth in a grin!)
That's where the story of Rome it begins...
Is that a fact?

Julius Caesar
To Britain he came
‘Came, saw and conquered’
For glory and fame
Then he went home. Then he came back again!
Is that a fact?

Emperor Claudius
Invades us for sure
Thousands of soldiers
(An army at war)
March across Britain, invading some more...
Is that a fact?

Over in Rome
Emperor Nero’s in trouble
Kills half his family and friends
At the double
Then watches Rome burn to a pile of old rubble!
Is that a fact?

Elsewhere in Italy
In a town called Pompeii
Citizens relaxing
And working one day
When Volcano Vesuvius blows them away...
Is that a fact?

Back here in Britain
Hadrian builds up a wall
Stands up for Empire
So long, wide and tall
But walls are like empires, they rise and they fall...
Is that a fact?

Life’s full of stories
And tales of who’s who
Some parts imagined
And some parts are true
Past ancient Romans, to future times too...
Is that a fact?

Is that a fact..? Is that a fact..? Is that a fact..? Is that a fact..?

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