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Song 6: 'Roman gods and goddesses' (Backing)

Roman gods and goddesses,
Dancing round in space,
Moving round, like planets,
Each one in their place,
Worship them in temples,
Plenty (just in case!)
Roman gods and goddesses,
Meet them, face to face!

Here comes mighty Jupiter,
Thundering along,
Keep a watch for Mars
As he sings his war-like song.
On the hunt, Diana,
Goddess of the Moon,
Spreading love is Venus,
Bringing Springtime soon.

Roman gods and goddesses... (etc)

Neptune, God of Water,
Deep in ocean blue,
God of Sport, Apollo,
Music-maker too.
Ceres bringing fruitfulness
And lots of food to eat,
Then Mercury, the Messenger,
With wings upon his feet.

Roman Gods and Goddesses... (etc)

Janus looks out both ways -
Brings the New Year in,
Minerva inspires poetry,
Art and medicine.
Roman gods and goddesses,
It’s hard to keep a score,
With Saturn, Cupid, Juno...
Yes and plenty more!

Roman Gods and Goddesses... (etc)

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