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Food of War

What does it take to eat on the front line?

What are the challenges of finding the next meal in times of war? Feeding an army is a giant exercise in logistics, and it is also a testing ground for the food business. We hear how the food technology developed for soldiers in the field has made its way to our plates today. We speak to a soldier who has lived through three generations of military rations about how the type of food issued to troops can indicate the mission in store for them. Plus, we hear first-hand stories from people working in conflict zones, from aid workers struggling to get emergency rations into war-torn Syria, to our own BBC correspondents.

(Photo: Members of Royal Air Force Three Mobile Catering Squadron)

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Sun 13 Sep 2015 22:32GMT


Matt Hollingworth - United Nations World Food Programme
Alain Caulet - French military
Laura Clouting - Imperial War Museum, London
Flight Lieutenant Dan Cook - Royal Air Force
Corporal Danielle Trunso - Royal Air Force
Anastacia Marx De Salcedo - Author
Lauren Oleksyk - US Army Natick Soldier Systems Center
Quentin Somerville - BBC Middle East correspondent


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Food Chain highlights

Food Chain highlights

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