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Song 1: 'Signals!' (Backing)

Signals! Sounding through centuries.
Signals! Fanfares to victory!
Signals! Conquer! Attack! Defend!
Signals! Orders in code to send.

Trumpet-tuba battle calls...
March or halt, retreat or charge!
Cornu calls: Insignia move!
Buccinas say ‘Watch!’ or ‘Wake!’

Roadways! Straight on, from fort to fort.
Roadways! Troops on the move - transport!
Roadways! Roll on, or march, or stand!
Roadways! Leading across the land.

Marching to Londinium...
On to Verulamium...
On to Camulodunum...
Onwards, North, to Hadrian’s Wall...

Building! Empire of stone and power.
Building! Villa and town and tower.
Building! Roman technologies.
Building! Building for war or peace?

Arch and column, bridge and wall...
Amphitheatre, aqueduct...
Bathhouse and basilica...
Fortress, temple, city-square...

(getting quieter:)
Signals! Sounding through centuries...
Signals! Sounding through centuries..

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