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Yemen's Forgotten War

Is there a way out of the humanitarian and political crisis facing the country?

The conflict in Yemen has descended into a humanitarian crisis of devastating proportions, largely unseen by the rest of the world. What began during the Arab Spring with a popular uprising to oust a long-time autocrat, has developed into a complex proxy war that's drawn in both Saudi Arabia and Iran, the two great Sunni and Shia powers in the Middle East. And into this fractured state, jihadists from both al-Qaeda and Islamic State are gaining ground. Join Owen Bennett Jones and his panel of experts as they discuss whether regional solutions to the crisis can be found, and whether the forces pulling Yemen apart have wider implications for instability across the Arab world.

Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images (Yemeni supporters of the Huthi rebels at a rally in the capital Sana'a protesting against air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition)

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