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Don’t Punch Me! It’s A Prank

From tickling beards to terrifying the public, the comedy prank continues to go viral online. BBC Trending is at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe asking: is it even funny anymore?

Over the past year online pranks have continued to spiral and go viral. Pranksters like Vitaly, Joey Salads, FouseyTube and Prank vs Prank get billions of views but some of the videos have been pushing the boundaries and causing controversy. Punches have been pulled, slaps dealt out, and the authorities have stepped in. Is all fair in love, war and pranking? Or are the boundaries of funny bound to be broken?

Mukul Devichand is joined at the Edinburgh Festival by three obliging comedians; wind-up critic Nish Kumar, cheeky prank lover Kai Humphries and hoax sceptic Anna Morris.

With interivews from Vitaly, the Etayyim Brothers and Trigger Happy Tv’s Dom Joly.

Produced by India Rakusen.

(Photo Credit: BBC at Edinburgh)

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