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Banned Sexy MP website 'was a bit of a joke', says founder

A website which allows users to rate their MPs as hot - or not - has become the most popular banned website in Parliament, a freedom of information request has shown. Founder Francis Boulle - of Made in Chelsea reality TV fame - says he was "kind of bored and it was a bit of a joke" when he created it. He says he has “no idea” why it's so popular in Parliament, saying “maybe people are motivated to pursue a career in politics perhaps from a vanity perspective”.

Labour MP Jo Cox and Conservative Nusrat Ghani both say they haven't heard about the website - but are pleased not to have been on it. Not for long though, they're told, as Mr Boulle reveals that an updated version will be released tomorrow, which will include the 2015 intake of MPs.

"They do say that politics is showbiz for ugly people,” adds Ms Ghani.

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