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When Charlie quits the netball team that her mother coaches, she kick starts a chain of events that will test their relationship.

ll Charlie's mother, Sally - also her netball coach - wants is for their team to win the league. But Charlie's had enough of living out her mother's dream. She can't pretend to enjoy the game anymore, and in the heat of a mid-match huddle, she quits. But her refusal to play ball proves the tipping point for tightly wound Sally, and sets in motion a series of unfortunate events that will see secrets revealed, and test their relationship to breaking point. Will Charlie be able - and willing - to help Sally pull back from the edge? Darkly comic, this short explores the relationship between mothers and daughters, and how far we're willing to go for family.

Release date:

15 minutes



Role Contributor
Charlie Grace Cohen
Sally Daisy Beaumont
Janet Susannah Wise
Caretaker Jonathan Slinger
Kay Manpreet Bambra
Director Rachna Suri
Producer Catherine Moulton
Writer Selina Lim

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