From Goat Herder to Top Geologist

Rendani Tshiwalule grew up in a poor family in rural Limpopo, the youngest of 16 siblings. From the age of six he worked as a goatherd to pay for his schooling, reading books while tending livestock. Now he's working as a top geologist and runs an NGO helping other children go to school.

When Ingrid Von Oelhaften was a baby, she was taken from her parents by the Nazis as part of the Lebensborn experiment to create a master "Aryan" race. She later discovered that another girl grew up in her place and talks about uncovering her true identity.

Olia Hercules, a Ukrainian chef on her new cookbook Mamushka, with recipes inspired by her Eastern European heritage - particularly her grandmothers.

Canadian scientist Paul Hardisty has had plenty of adventures - he's explored for gold in the Arctic and survived a bomb blast in the Yemeni capital Sana'a. He talks about how his experiences working in the oil industry inspired him to write his first novel, The Abrupt Physics of Dying.

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