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Nadine Koutcher (Belarus), The Final, 2015

Soprano Nadine Koutcher sings Marfa’s aria The Tsar's Bride Rimsky-Korsakov in BBC Cardiff Singer of the World 2015.

About the music: Marfa is engaged to Lykov but is also loved by Gryaznoy, a member of the Tsar’s secret police. To win Marfa’s love, Gryzanoy has secretly put a love potion into her goblet during her betrothal ceremony. To confuse things further, Marfa is then selected by the Tsar, Ivan the Terrible, to become his wife. As she prepares for her wedding to the Tsar, Marfa becomes unwell and delirious, as the love potion was actually poison. Seeing Gryaznoy, she mistakes him for Lykov and sings tenderly of the happy time they had spent together.

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6 minutes