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Melissa McCarthy, Yasmina Khadra, Souad Massi

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Author Anthony Horowitz talks about his forthcoming new James Bond novel Trigger Mortis set for release this September. Star comic actress Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig talk about their box office smash film Spy. Yasmina Khadra discusses his novel, The Swallows of Kabul, a harrowing portrait of life under The Taleban, with a book club audience. Soul and Jazz singer-songwriter Somi, her last album was Lagos Music Salon and we catch up with her on tour in Harare. Susan Abulhawa discusses her new novel The Blue between the Sky and the Water about a family who flees after Israel enters Gaza. Souad Massi, a BBC World Music winner, talks around her new album El Mutakallimun inspired by the golden age of Arabic poets in 9th century Spain. We learn about Nainsukh, India's 18th century artist who changed Indian art forever to become perhaps the first great modern artist of the country. And we have news of the winner of the In The Dark Audio Award a big prize for the best storytelling in audio.

(Photo: Melissa McCarthy (c) Fox (UK), Yasmina Khadra (c) Andrew H Walker/Getty, Souad Massi (c) Abbas Momani/Getty)

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Souad Massi

Souad Massi is one of the most successful female singer songwriters in Arabic speaking world. Born in Algeria, she moved to France in 1999. She has produced a new album called El Mutakallimun which means Master of the Word. It was Inspired by her discovery of the golden age of Arabic poet scholars in 9th century Cordoba such as Ibn Arabi who wrote about the religion of love. She performs a song from her album and talks about why the album was a reaction to the caricatures associated with Arabic culture, and why she hopes her music can reconnect young Muslims to the beauty and poetry left by their ancestors.


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Presenter Nikki Bedi
Producer Simon Pitts