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Champions League Final on foot

Nicolo De Marchi, the Juventus fan who walked from Turin to Berlin for his ticket to see the Italian Champions take on Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League Final, met Lee James after finishing his more than 1000km walk to the German Capital.

Nico told Sportsworld his "legs aren't so bad, because the emotion is very high".

Staff at Juventus were inundated with pledges from fans saying they would get tattoos or marry at the final if the club qualified. When they did secure their place with a 3-2 aggregate win over Real, Nicolo received a shock when Juve issued a challenge.

The club said it "threw down the gauntlet" to Nicolo, who pledged that he would "go on foot," in reply to the club's 'if we get to the final' hashtag prior to their semi-final victory over Real Madrid.

You can see some pictures from Nico's journey in a gallery on the Sportsworld homepage.

This Clip is from Sportsworld on Saturday 6 June 2015.

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