Rebooting Europe's Digital Economy

Brussels sets out plans to reboot Europe's digital economy. We hear if it means yet another EU challenge to the dominance of US firms like Google.

Daimler unveils what it says is the world's first driverless truck - what could that mean for truckers and the car drivers who would have to share the road with it?

Also, how worried should we be that we are apparently hurtling towards the age of 'Future Shock' - the dramatic impact innovation can have on everyday life? And, how would you feel if passwords were replaced by questions based on your social media activity, or your latest music downloads?

Plus, the young Britons opting to dye their hair grey well before old age does it for them naturally. We hear how the once embarrassing stamp of ageing has now become high fashion.

We are joined throughout the programme by Anuradha Mittal, executive director of The Oakland Institute in California, and Alex Frangos, of the Wall Street Journal in Beijing.

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Thu 7 May 2015 00:05 GMT

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