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Young Christians explain how and why they pray, and talk about the Lord’s Prayer, and using music to pray. The focus is also on big questions about prayer.

Christians talk to God through prayer: we see examples of children’s prayers and those which happen in church. The Lord’s Prayer, taught by Jesus to his friends, is the most popular Christian prayer. Used all over the world and in hundreds of languages, the prayer is well known. It teaches the Fatherhood of God, and God’s care for people’s daily needs for food, for forgiveness and for faith.
Some of our young people say these things:
“I talk to God every day, thanking him for the good things in life and asking for advice. It’s just like talking to a friend
“I pray for my friends and for guidance and protection.”
“I pray before I go to sleep.
“I pray in my bedroom: it’s quieter and makes it really easy to concentrate.”
“Sometimes my prayers do work.”
A priest explains: The Christian faith includes trusting that God’s way is better than our way, so praying for something that doesn’t happen does not stop people from believing in God and in prayer.
We don’t have to pray alone and quietly – in church we can pray in different ways: stay in your seat and pray, or pray through the music that we sing as well.”

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