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The Ten Gurus

The Gurus of the Sikhs are founders and leaders within the religion. Simran explains how the gurus are honoured and their teaching is passed on through stories. Butta Singh, a Sikh storyteller from Birmingham, tells the story of Guru Nanak and the boulder. A rich, powerful well-owner refused to share his water unless local people agreed to be his servants. The Guru found another water source for them and when the selfish water guard attacked the Guru with a mighty rolling boulder, Nanak stopped the boulder by a miracle. How would the selfish man respond? He was turned round in his opinions: his ego and pride were broken down by the example of the Guru. Values of compassion, humility, love of truth and contentment are shared through the stories of the Gurus. Simran’s opinion is ‘the more stories I hear about him, the more I wish I could have met him.’

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