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Examples from Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral and the Temple Praise Church, also in Liverpool, show the diversity of musical worship in Christianity.

Worship from Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral (Roman Catholic) and Temple Praise Church (a Charismatic church) is described by children and young people who are involved. There’s lots to look at and lots to hear in terms of musical style. Draw attention to the visuals, soundtrack and commentary in this clip so that pupils notice together all that is going on. You might put pupils in trios, and give them each a brief: listen to the music / watch the pictures / listen to the comments. After watching and listening, they are to share what they noticed with their two partners.
The commentary of the young people is the heart of the clip: here are 7 quotations:
1. “You really do feel God’s presence when you sing. The whole congregation can be taken aback.”
2. “I think God really does hear us. Singing is a prayer, and we really do want to praise God. I love singing!”
3. “Worship can be spontaneous or formal”
4. “Worship thanks God, praises him, talks to God and also says ‘please help me’.”
5. Some of the slow songs make you think more about why you’re worshipping, then the more upbeat songs just make you feel like dancing.”
6. “Singing to God is a way of showing we are grateful for everything he does”
7. “I get the freedom to dance, to have a good time, sing and praise God”

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