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Kenneth Branagh: Scorsese Macbeth ‘practically there’

Sir Kenneth Branagh says a Martin Scorsese-directed film version of his acclaimed stage version of Macbeth is close to being agreed.

Speaking to Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode on the Kermode and Mayo Film Review, Sir Ken said all parties want to film his adaptation of the Shakespearian tragedy, which originally ran in the UK in 2013 and New York in 2014, with timings now the main sticking point.

"All things being well Mr Scorsese will direct a film version of that production," said Sir Ken. "The fingers are hovering above pieces of paper. Everyone wants to do it; it's just a question of schedule. I'm very, very hopeful it's going to happen."

Sir Ken's latest film, Cinderella, is out on Friday 27 March.

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