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North Korean dictator loved Sean Connery films

North Korea's former supreme commander Kim Jong-Il was a big film buff and wanted someone to make films in North Korea.

He was was obsessed with western cinema, his favourite film was Rambo and he loved anything "with Elizabth Taylor in it", as well as Sean Connery and the Bond films, which he saw as 'socio-realist docu-dramas, said Paul Fischer, author of new book, A Kim Jong-il Production.

In order to enact his plan, in 1977, he had Shin Sang-ok and Choi Eun-hee South Korea's top director and actress abducted and brought to Pyongyang.

They went on to produce North Korean cult classic Pulgasari, a monster film with socialist leanings, before eventually escaping.

The story, good enough for a film plot of its own, has been brought to life in A Kim Jong-il Production.

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