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Truck Drivers Against Sex Trafficking

Kendis Paris is training truck drivers to spot trafficking; Jo Milne was born deaf but had cochlear implants fitted at 39 years old; Helena Rizzo is a model turned chef from Brazil

Kendis Paris from Denver used to spend her days making bread and cheese at home with the kids - now she travels the country training drivers to recognise and report human trafficking. Her organisation is called Truckers Against Trafficking.

Jo Milne was born deaf and could hear practically nothing until she was 39 years old. It was only when she discovered she was becoming blind as well that she decided to have cochlea implants fitted.

Helena Rizzo was named the best female chef in the world last year - but before that she was a model and architecture student. Our reporter Gibby Zobel went to meet her in one of Sao Paolo's best restaurants.

Photographer Dalia Khamissy grew up during the civil war in Lebanon. Her ongoing project The Missing is about the thousands who vanished during the war and the families who are still waiting for answers. Her photographs show relatives with mementoes they've kept of their loved ones - a driving licence, family photos, school text books.

Photo: David McNew/Getty Images.

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