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“As Seen on TV”

How the world looks through American eyes, and the myriad and unexpected ways that the world influences the United States.

We meet one of the hottest young stars on Russian television— an American actor who recently revealed that he is gay. Plus, we visit the Canadian village of Goodwood, a tiny town proud of its unsavoury reputation on TV. And, we hear about the Iranian film director Jafar Panahi, who is defying a ban on making films.

Also, Boston Calling listeners consider whether there is such thing as ‘a good death’. The story behind a Muslim-American cop show that nearly came to be. And how an unlikely position at RadioShack gave the writer Deepak Singh an unexpected view of America.

(Photo: Odin Biron, the star of the Russian sitcom Interns. Credit: Maria Mitrofanova)

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  • Coming Out

    Russia's hottest young actor is an American who just came out as gay

    Duration: 06:06

  • Goodwood, Ontario

    The real-world inspiration behind the new Canadian television programme, “Schitt's Creek”

    Duration: 04:00

  • Jafar Panahi

    What do you do as a film director when your government bans you from making movies?

    Duration: 05:01

  • Listener Responses

    Is there such thing as ‘a good death’?

    Duration: 01:56

  • Wajahat Ali

    A Pakistani writer created a show about a Yemeni American cop. It never made it to TV

    Duration: 05:55

  • Tuned In

    ‘How I got to know my new home in America by working at RadioShack’

    Duration: 02:30


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