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Dinner for One

Is there a penalty for eating alone? The Food Chain examines the cost to your wallet, your psychological well-being and even your nutritional intake when you dine solo.

Is there a penalty for eating alone? Do you take a hit to your wallet, your social life and even your health by dining solo?

Sociologist Eric Klinenberg reveals that eating alone is the greatest hurdle for otherwise happy single dwellers. Presenter Manuela Saragosa tests this by taking a table at the Dutch solo-diner only restaurant, Eenmaal.

Eating alone means you eat differently. The figures show there’s a huge increase in food designed for one. It costs more but the growing band of solo eaters are prepared to pay a premium for the extra convenience. We visit Liverpool University’s eating behaviour laboratory, kitted out with hidden technologies which unpick how we eat. Plus we hear why, in South Korea, people are being paid to eat over the internet.

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