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Democracy Day: Can modern democracy withstand threats to destabilise it?

Can modern democracy withstand the forces that threaten to destabilise it, such as extremist attacks or even everyday voter apathy?

In light of the Charlie Hebdo attack, how important is protecting freedom of speech?

Sylvie Bermann, French Ambassador to the UK, told Today: "You have to strike the right balance between security and human rights".

"We should do more on education and we should do more on integration".

"We must be very strong on our principles of freedom of press and freedom of expression but we have to work with all people in French society".

Matthew Barzun, American Ambassador to the UK, said: "You learn as a child and you then learn as a member of democracy that limits on freedom are actually part of what makes a democracy a healthy one".

"The key to healthy democracies is having a process for how to define the limits we put on our freedoms, because the people are sovereign, and how we redefine those limits".

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