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For The Love of God

Catholic, Muslim, Atheist, Sikh, Jew and Hindu – Catrin Nye asks if couples can have very different religious beliefs and still make it work.

Harpreet is Sikh and married to a Muslim - she loves him and says she won't leave him but fourteen years into marriage feels marrying outside her faith was the wrong thing to do. Glyn is agnostic and lives with Orthodox Jew David. Their marriage involves balancing David's strict religious observance with their gay lifestyle. Tauseef grew up Muslim but has been atheist since he was a teenager. He ended up married to a Muslim woman who has become increasingly strong in her faith and says he will do anything to keep their struggling marriage alive – including taking Islamic classes, despite secretly enjoying drinking sessions with friends.

The UK is now a religious melting pot – and interfaith marriage is part of society – but at the same time the number of people with no religion whatsoever is at an all-time high. Society's increasingly open attitude to mixed-faith relationships is generally viewed as a good thing but how do you manage what comes with them? How do you understand your partner's fervent belief in God if you think it's total rubbish and how do you bring up your children if each parent is staunchly of a different religion? In this documentary Catrin Nye explore the joys, struggles and compromises that have to be made and asks how much love can overcome.

Presenter: Catrin Nye
Producer: Athar Ahmad
Editor: Kevin Silverton
Original Music by Adam Pickering

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28 minutes

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