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Lisbon and its rich musical heritage featuring Lula Pena, Antonio Zambujo, Buraka Som Sistema.

Lisbon is one of the musically most manifold capital cities of Europe. Multiple influences date back up to 1000 years. Connections lead to Africa, Brazil and India, but also to England and the USA. Music pulsates in Lisbon, from the traditional and dramatic ‘Fado’ to the contemporary ‘Kuduro’ – a strain of Angolan dance music that combines electronic music with Caribbean inflections, born in the late 1980s. Musicians, such as the modern fadist and guitar player Lula Pena, the post-bossa nova Antonio Zambujo, and the incandescent Buraka Som Sistema, echo this rich musical landscape.

(Photo: From left to right, Brank Buraka Som Sistema, Sara Tavares, Carminho. BBC copyright)

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