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The Fracking Mindset

The politics of fracking in the US where distrust of the Middle East is pushing an agenda for US energy independence. Plus, how much would you spend on a building?

Once OPEC could hold the world to ransom - not any more. On the eve of a key meeting of the big oil producing nations in Vienna we look at how new sources of oil have drained the influence of the cartel. But can America's new oil boom last? And, author of Liar's Ball, Vicky Ward, joins us to tell a tale of turbo-charged capitalism - a story of lying, cheating and betrayal in the most glamorous city on earth - New York. It has a cast of characters that makes even the oil industry seem tame. And. the BBC's Steve Evans takes a look at the how bloodlines will determine the leadership succession at Samsung, one of the world's leading consumer electronics companies.

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How the 2008 crash shaped our world

How the 2008 crash shaped our world

Stories from people involved in the crash and how its effects are still felt today

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