The Real War in Space: A Sputnik-like Event

First transmitted in 1978, this 25th anniversary edition of Panorama with Tom Mangold examines America's and Russia's dependence on military satellites.

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We Are Entering the Post-Nuclear Era

We Are Entering the Post-Nuclear Era
Watch the second of Panorama's 25th anniversary Real War in Space reports:

BBC Four Space Race Collection

BBC Four Space Race Collection
This is part of a selection of archive programmes charting America and Russia’s attempts to reach for the moon and beyond, as both competitors and allies.

BBC Four Space Race Collection

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Programmes are selected, in part, for their historical context and reflect the broadcast standards and attitudes of their time, which may not accord to some current BBC editorial guidelines. We aim to select programmes which can be shown in their entirety but in some cases edits are required.


Role Contributor
Presenter Tom Mangold
Producer John Penycate
Editor Christopher Capron
Deputy Editor Elwyn Parry
Film Editor David Hope


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