Malaysia Airlines Restructuring

Ahead of a big announcement from Malaysia Airlines, we speak to BK Sidhu in Kuala Lumpur about what to expect from the predicted radical restructuring.

In our London studio, William Stolerman from The News Hub discusses the future of news media and explains how he plans to conquer the stigma of the dreaded paywall.

At our Tokyo bureau, Professor Yoko Ishikura, discusses Abenomics and whether introducing gender quotas in boardrooms really will invigorate the Japanese economy.

Also on the programme: Tom Burridge samples the wines of southern Spain in search of something other than rioja, and John Sudworth is live in Beijing with the latest Chinese business news. Plus: gold diggers of the world unite... on a beach in southern England, where a German artist claims to have buried 30 bars of gold. Or maybe it's just a publicity stunt. Decide for yourself.

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