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Cat and Mouse games on the Dark Net

Is the Dark Net as anonymous as people say? We speak to the creator of the Tor browser about claims that spies and hackers have broken its secrets. Presented by Rory Cellan-Jones.

In recent weeks it has emerged that the so-called 'Dark Net' might not be as anonymous as many people had assumed. We speak to the creator of the anonymous Tor browser, about claims that spies and hackers have laid bare the secrets the Dark Net supposedly protects.

In any business, successfully predicting the future is a lucrative skill to have. And they say that history repeats, so is it possible to crunch data about past news events to guess accurately how current situations will play out? We speak to one researcher who's trying to do just that.

And Nigeria's domestic film industry - dubbed "Nollywood" is estimated to be worth $5 billion and turns out up to 50 titles a week, most of which are released on DVD. But we find out how the film-makers are now turning to online platforms to show their creations, despite a persistent lack of internet bandwidth.

Presented by Rory Cellan-Jones, with special guest Ingrid Lunden from the TechCrunch website, and Leo Kelion and Joe Miller from the BBC Online technology desk.

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