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Kiribati:Teweiariki Teaero


We are many yet we are one
We have come together freely
To be one big global family
Of nations bound by common history

This Commonwealth family is an elegant mat
Woven tight and right from many single strands
Many colours creeds histories cultures
A kaleidoscope of hope for a common future

By sharing paths woven from our past
By sharing our hopes wealth and ideas
We carve a route safe into the unknown future
Strong as the many nations woven into one

From nations in the seven wide oceans
And those in valleys and high mountains
From islands continents and different climates
Is born a wide and wise mat woven into one

From our Kiribati isles in the wide Pacific Ocean
Garlands of the gods bejeweling the deep blue ocean
We say mauri all, we salute our Team Commonwealth
And sing and dance to one bright future for all

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