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Alberto Ginastera

Donald Macleod explores Ginastera's legacy.

To mark the 90th anniversary of the birth of Ginastera, Donald Macleod is joined by pianist Barbara Nissman, an acclaimed exponent of Ginastera's music, to celebrate his legacy.

They begin by looking at Ginastera's training, and Barbara Nissman and Donald Macleod try to establish some of the musical influences detectable in Ginastera's work.

Next, they turn to the composer’s sojourn in America, and how it stimulated Ginastera's music.

Donald Macleod and Barbara Nissman consider how Ginastera survived the Peronist era. Like many artists, Argentinian composer Ginastera found himself out of favour with the regime. The years were very difficult materially, and they assess how the overall experience affected his music.

The rhythms of his native country were a source of great pleasure and inspiration to Ginastera. Donald Macleod and Barbara Nissman explore how Ginastera assimilated them into his own brand of music.

Donald Macleod and Barbara Nissman conclude by discussing the enormous value Ginastera placed on what he called the architecture of music.

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Composer Alberto Ginastera