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World Cup: The Real Winners and Losers

Who benefits from the multi-billion dollar cost of the World Cup? Is it money well spent and how might the event be organised in the future, to ensure more winners, off the pitch?

Who benefits from the multi-billion dollar cost of the World Cup; and is it money well spent? How might the tournament be organised in the future to ensure there are more winners, off the pitch? We hear from Danny Jordaan, head of the South African Football Association who led the country's successful World Cup bid for the games in 2010 and professor Patrick Bond, from Kwa Zulu Natal University. They discuss whether there was sufficient 'trickle down' from the vast sums which were poured in there?

Also, the recent uprising in Iraq has highlighted the continuing threat of new flashpoints across the Middle East. The world remains a violent place it seems, and is becoming more so, according to the Global Peace Index. Steve Killelea is its author and Executive Chairman at the Institute for Economics and Peace, and he uses the annual report to put a cost on all major disruptions to peace.

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