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Scene 1: First blood

The English army arrived late afternoon on June 23rd 1314. A vanguard of English cavalry started to cross the Bannockburn and headed straight for Stirling Castle. At their head was a young knight Sir Henry de Bohun. He spotted the Bruce addressing his troops and decided to challenge the King of Scots.

A contemporary chronicle of the time, Barbour’s The Bruce describes what happened next;

“The gallant Sir Henry de Bohun knew the king by his arraying his men and reason of the crown on his basnet. When the Bruce saw him come on so openly before all his comrades he turned his horse towards him. And when Sir Henry saw the king come fearlessly on, he rode at him with the utmost speed. They dashed together in straight career, the Bruce with his keen strong axe dealt him such a mighty blow as neither hat nor helmet could withstand. The axe-handle shivered in two and De Bohun crashed helpless to the earth.”

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