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Nick Gentry and recycled art - introduction

The artist Nick Gentry, sitting in his studio surrounded by his artwork, explains how he re-uses outdated technology to create his artwork. There are close up images of floppy discs and old X-rays with an explanation of how they are recycled and painted. Nick references inspiration by Marcel Duchamp and old footage of Duchamp’s work of a urinal is shown. He explains that Duchamp placed this object in a gallery and called it art, therefore artists should not be restricted by materials such as canvas but feel free to re-use materials.

The artist sifts through old materials such as X-rays, negatives and discs, that have a previous history and explains that social media is a source of communication for people to send him these items that are discarded forms of technology. Artwork images show how the negatives and even X-rays have been transformed into portraits.

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2 minutes