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Weekend Edition: Moving With the Times

Global stories of adjusting to new realities, from migrant workers in the USA; Qatari families; South Africa's mines; Bahamian mailboats, Algerian politics and homes in Gaza.

Pascale Harter with a selection of stories from around the world, centring on how to adjust to new realities. Simon Worrall examines the journey, and the impact, of the USA's army of migrant workers from across Latin America. Matthew Teller examines how prosperity hasn't been the answer to every question in Qatar. Eileen Byrne teases out the contradictions of Algerian politics - where things change, yet stay the same. Hamilton Wende reflects on the central role South Africa's mining industry has played in the country's history and politics, and how long the sector can hold out. Yolande Knell sees the worsening relationship between Hamas and the Egyptian authorities corroding daily life for Palestinian households in the Gaza Strip. And Mark Stratton hitches a relaxing ride on a low-tech communications binding the dozens of islands in the Bahamas together: the mailboat system.

Producer: Polly Hope
Photograph: A Qatari famly admire the skyline opposite the promenade at the Al Corniche road, Doha. (Nadine Rupp/Getty Images)

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