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WWW 25 Years On

Many see the birth and evolution of the World Wide Web as a huge success. But 25 years on, is our vision rose-tinted and what does the future hold?

In 1989, Sir Tim Berners-Lee published his vision of the World Wide Web. Twenty-five years on, the World Wide Web has grown up and evolved into a technological tool used by billions. We live in a world never before so connected. In a special edition of Click, Gareth Mitchell looks back to the creation of this new information age. He hears from the early and late adopters, from some of Sir Tim's collaborators and those who have helped develop the World Wide Web. Click explores what it means as more and more of us are connected and devote more of our time to being online than offline. With billions more people expected to come online in the near future what are the new possibilities that the connectivity offers the world?

(Photo caption: A woman looks at a webpage while connecting on the internet © AFP/Getty Images)

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