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People who help us... in an emergency

Lindsey returns with another programmes looking at the different people who help us. Today she is thinking about those who help us in an emergency.

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15 minutes


  • Introduction

    Welcome and introduction to the programme by superhero ‘Super Lindsey...’

    Duration: 01:30

  • Feature

    Two reporters go on a mission to find out what happens when we call for the fire brigade.

    Duration: 02:10

  • Story

    Androcles and the Lion. An adaptation of a traditional tale by Tracey Hammet.

    Duration: 07:02

  • Song

    ‘Friends’ (Come and Praise: Beginning, no. 19).

    Duration: 01:37

  • Reflection

    Thinking about the bravery of the fire brigade and emergency services.

    Duration: 01:32