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People who help home

Lindsey Chapman is back with a new unit of programmes finding out about different people who help us. Today she is thinking about people who help us at home.

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15 minutes


  • Introduction

    Lindsey welcomes listeners to her ‘house’ and introduces the theme of the programme.

    Duration: 02:19

  • Vox-pops

    Children talk about how they help others around their homes.

    Duration: 00:16

  • Story

    Anansi and his sons by Tess Morris. Read by Don Gilet

    Duration: 07:36

  • Song

    ‘All together as a family’ (All about our school, no. 15).

    Duration: 01:55

  • Reflection

    Thinking about working together as a team and thinking of those who help at home.

    Duration: 01:31